Published on 10/10/2018 8:14 am
5 best places to visit in India

Rich heritage, abundant scenic beauty, and cultural diversity, all these incredible aspects together made India as one of the most traveled countries in the World.  Every corner of the country has its own charm and lure. However, as it is quite difficult for you to explore all India’s destinations, we have compiled some of the most famous travel destinations in India.

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Mumbai is an advanced urban area that nurtures a historic architecture, thriving arts scene, and ancient bazaars among its dazzling skyscrapers. And Mumbai is a city, where everyone’s dreams come true.

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Kochi, a city which is an amalgamation of Arabian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and British influences, is a backpacker’s paradise. With its green landscapes, lush and serene backwaters and beaches, the charming city is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India.

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Every part of Chennai has its own story to tell and thus making the Capital of Tamil Nadu, a most memorable destination.  The city boasts of several lanky hotels, luxury restaurants and cafes serving international cuisine as well as swanky shopping options.

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Book Flights from Dubai to Delhi

Delhi is a custodian of India's rich and ancient heritage and is home to a vibrant culture. If you are planning to fly Delhi and India for the first time, then gear up to immerse yourself in a heady variety of traditions, cultures, and architecture.

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